Leisure Traveler

Lisa Bain

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We’ve always traveled a lot, but traveling with kids, especially now that we live in Australia, presents a new set of circumstances. Having an informed travel agent is essential.


  • Perfectly planned trips – too much is at stake when traveling with 2 young children
  • To expose her family to interesting people and places while always remaining safe
  • Never lose touch with friends/family in the US or Australia


  • Facilitate non-linear booking – rather forcing A-C-H Confirm
  • Agent and customer reviews and recommendations
  • Integrate insurance, medical, and visa information
  • Social media integration


  • Confidence she is getting a good value
  • Proactive guidance, suggestions and honest feedback – she has ideas but isn’t ever 100% sure
  • Research that she can’t find on her own, online


  • Family – they influence everything she does
  • Parents – she is still very close to them despite being so far away
  • Bible – lifelong church-goer
  • Curiosity – desires new experiences
  • New expectations – never thought she’d be where she is
  • New outlook – trying to slow down


  • Age: 38
  • Job Title: Stay-at-home mother, part-time tutor
  • Family Size: 4 (kids are 7 and 9)
  • Work Environment: Busy home
  • Bio: Lisa’s love for travel began when in her first year of teaching in Portland, Oregon, she took a group of 8th graders to Italy for two weeks. Three years ago her husband was offered a job in Melbourne, Australia and she and her husband, who are both American, decided to uproot their family and give life in Australia a chance. They don’t regret it at all. The relaxed lifestyle and new culture to explore in Australia is exactly what they were looking for. They use a travel agent for all trips now.

    Since moving, they’ve been to many of the more common destinations from Australia (India and Thailand are favorites). They visit Gold Coast/Falls Creek each July. Her husband has 9 weeks of vacation per year and her kids are maturing so trips can be more complicated and frequent.

    She plans most of her trips in her head and with her friends for months and books them as late as possible without losing discounts.

    She expects her agent to be informed enough to give her a package that is better than what can be found online. She also wants to be informed of ancillary offers (seat upgrades, baggage allowance/costs, available insurance) and about any visa and inoculation requirements for her destinations. She has also discovered that airports in different countries aren’t necessarily as informative as those in America and any help navigating the airports of her trip is very appreciated.