Experienced Business Traveler

Jeff Barry

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Asking me to book travel would be like asking me to send a fax. I haven’t done it for myself in years but I could, of course, figure it out if I had to. It just isn’t something I think of.


  • Accommodating his client
  • Collaborating with his team / being a true business partner for his client
  • Comfortable travel
  • Ability to conduct business from any place and at any time


  • Sophisticated database for traveler preferences
  • Flexible itinerary outputs
  • Automated updates and forecasts about destination


  • Hassle-free traveling
  • Advance notice of changes or possible risks
  • Ability to accommodate last minute travel changes


  • Client needs – almost everything else is secondary
  • preference – happiness while traveling is paramount to his success so he is well taken-care of
  • Location – not every project is in a desirable/cosmopolitan city
  • Technology – if there’s an innovation that makes travel easier, he wants it


  • Age: 38
  • Job Title: Senior Project Leader, Management Consultant
  • Company Size: 3,500 people in 40 countries
  • Work Environment: Usually in client’s offices
  • Bio: A 2003 Harvard MBA, Jeff has worked in management consulting since 1998 and is on track to making partner at Crain Consulting. As a consultant, he rarely sees his family during the week, but both he and his family have grown used to this arrangement…they have one big date per week. Each week he leaves New York to work on-site in his client’s office. Most of his projects last from 6 to 16 weeks.

    Crain’s internal travel program takes care of all of his travel arrangements and caters to his specific preferences for everything. The internal travel agent/arranger at Crain who books all of his travel, keeps a very sophisticated log of all of Jeff’s preferences, no matter how quirky, and makes sure that every need is catered to each time a trip is booked on his behalf. The profiles in the GDS don’t go deep enough to ensure everything is perfect so the travel arrangers at Crain keep a separate spreadsheets for everyone. For instance, Jeff prefers aisle seats as close to the actual entrance as possible and red-colored 2-door coupes.

    Because Jeff’s travel can be unpredictable, all tickets are first blocked for tentative dates, and his itineraries are held until the last minute. Once confirmed, he is informed of the final plan. Jeff reviews and receives updates about his travel through his iPhone, including using it as his boarding pass.

    A workaholic, even weekends for Jeff are often spent on work. When he does escape, he utilizes his miles on trips to Nice with his family.