Leisure Travel Consultant

Emily Martin

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To do this job well you have to be an expert in time management. I love it though because at the end of the day I go home knowing I made people happy.


  • Make people happy
  • Increased efficiency
  • Reduced error rate
  • Following company procedures
  • Confidence during all stages


  • GUI or a stepped approach for basic tasks
  • Social/mobile integration
  • Time management tools
  • Integration of visa and insurance norms
  • Quick and flexible search mechanism
  • Facility to easily book package tours
  • Enable booking for groups


  • Training/programs that respect her lifelong experience with technology
  • Better support from either her GDS or agency
  • Help with time management
  • Faster everything


  • Her work ethic. Working efficiently determines whether she gets to go home on time.
  • Realizing quickly how difficult being a travel
    consultant is has helped her avoid frustration.
  • Her work atmosphere – it’s younger, cooler, more retail than most travel agencies – she still gets to be who she wants to be.


  • Age: 22
  • Job Title: Travel Consultant
  • Company Size: 8,000 Employees in 10 Countries
  • Work Environment: Gen Y-focused retail space
  • Bio: Emily, herself an experienced traveler, enjoys making people happy for a living. She works primarily with students and “hippie travelers,” as she calls them, arranging short and extended holidays. International travel also requires her to arrange for travel insurance and to sometimes help with visas. She views travel as not just a big part of her life, but a big part of Australian culture. Being a travel consultant has quickly become a part of her personal brand. She also utilizes social media as an advertising tool for fares and group deals she is trying to sell.

    Many of the inefficiencies of Galileo frustrate her so she checks with Expedia often. She was expecting more post-training support than she receives but is confident she’ll be good in six months. She uses web-based programs not only to help her get past rough spots but to also make sure she isn’t offering prices that are out of line – she knows most of her clients will check online before seeing her.