Home-based Travel Agent

Kim Perez

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I love the flexibility from working at home, my only problem is that I practically have cauliflower ear from my phone. I do wish I had more adult contact at times.


  • Reduced costs for her clients
  • Improved client relationships through more relevant and frequent contact
  • Making travel a mindless and enjoyable event for her clients
  • Better record management
  • Integration of work/home lives


  • Database for traveler preferences (including family/other traveling companions)
  • Integration of email service
  • Flexible itinerary displays
  • Access to multiple GDS’s
  • Facility to save and search history of sessions
  • Ability to run combined searches for air, car, hotel, and occasionally rail
  • Ability to work in multiple profiles simultaneously
  • Mobile access – she isn’t always at her desk


  • Everything to integrate with her calendar for BNH
  • Integrated profiles across multiple systems (non-GDS’s)
  • Help tracking travelers
  • Ability to plan entire trips at once
  • Better ability to hold trip prices


  • The needs and expectations of each individual client
  • Policies and processes for different clients – each has their own deal with different airlines, car companies and hotels along with internal rules/budgets
  • The GDS – almost all bookings are made here
  • Uncontrollable travel logistics (weather)
  • System challenges at home
  • Lack of adult interaction


  • Age: 38
  • Job Title: Travel Manager to BNH Advertising and Travel Agent for Travel Masters
  • Company Size: 60 and 16
  • Work Environment: Home Office
  • Bio: Kim has two children, ages 12 and 8. She first started working from home 8 years ago after the birth of her second child so someone could always be home since her husband started traveling regularly to Dubai for business. She had been a senior administrative assistant and was in charge of arranging travel at BNH Advertising but took courses in Apollo so she could not only be more proficient at booking travel for BNH, but so that she could also help non-competitive businesses with their needs as well. Besides, she found working with American Express to be unnecessarily painful.She finds that she works more efficiently from home and is actually on call 24/7 for BNH. With recent cut backs at BNH she started going into the office one day a week to help with accounting and other needs.

    She enjoys the importance of her position at BNH but also appreciates that she gets to expand her influence with smaller clients through Travel Masters.

    Additionally, she has become somewhat of the go-to travel expert in her neighborhood. Some people are talked about for their beautiful lawn, others because they have exceptionally well trained dogs, Kim is known as the travel expert among her circle of friends and even peers at her children’s school. She was recently contacted by the local high school about arranging a trip to Belize and often finds herself discussing work at PTA events. She is more than happy to give such advice and books many of these trips for free – rarely even asking for payment.