Experienced Travel Agent

Joy Harrington

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Travel isn’t getting any simpler. I really need a system that helps me keep track of every possibility for my clients. My success is 100% linked to their success.


  • Reduced costs for her clients
  • Improved client relationships through more relevant and frequent contact
  • Making travel a mindless and enjoyable event for her clients
  • Better record management


  • Database for traveler preferences (including family/other traveling companions)
  • Integration of email service
  • Flexible itinerary displays
  • Access to multiple GDSs
  • Facility to save and search history of sessions
  • Ability to run combined searches for air, car, hotel, and rail
  • Ability to work in multiple profiles simultaneously


  • Integrated profiles across many systems
  • Reduced training time for new agents
  • Help anticipating travel needs and preferences


  • The needs and expectations of each individual client
  • Policies and processes for different clients – each has their own deal with different airlines, car companies, and hotels along with internal rules/budgets
  • The GDS – almost all bookings are made here
  • Uncontrollable travel logistics (weather)
  • Her staff – she loves leading the group


  • Age: 35
  • Job Title: Asst. Manager / Travel Consultant
  • Company Size: 10
  • Work Environment: Private workstation in an open room of travel consultants
  • Bio: Joy started as a flight attendant at 18 and became a travel agent after five years in the air. She loves that she still gets to travel often but prefers planning different trips to traveling repeated routes. As an assistant manager for Mythic Travel, she still books travel but also does QA alongside another assistant manager making sure everything is perfect before it goes out. It is also her job to help clients reduce costs so she uses discounts and offers as a way to keep the conversation going with clients between bookings. Each morning she tracks events from the prior night using the Area 24 service.

    Since most corporate bookings are repeat business, she keeps client profiles, loyalty accounts, and other preferences (including personal quirks and special needs) in a an Excel spreadsheet. When her clients travel with their families, she does their bookings and places their profiles in the spreadsheet, too. She has never understood why none of the GDS’s that she has worked in (she first learned Sabre) have a function to help her manage profiles in the environment. She receives queries over email, phone, SMS and even Facebook from the handful of clients that have friended her. She wishes for a unified application that could query different GDS’s and automatically update traveler profiles across all air, car, and hotel services.