Global Corporate Travel Manager

Robbie Cooper

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It’s important that our travel program can successfully scale for our future needs and current travel policies, but it’s especially important that our offerings work well for our people.


  • Consistent reliability
  • Proactive preparedness
  • Increasing service while decreasing spending
  • Use travel as a perk… not just an expense
  • Improved partner relations


  • Ability to renegotiate contracts for better deals
  • Complete mobile access
  • Ground transportation access via the tool
  • Contractor bookings to reduce touched agency fees
  • Ancillary fees and merchandising via the tool


  • Total control to fit custom corporate policies
  • Easy tracking of people and spending
  • Reduced travel spending
  • Leverage supplier discounts


  • Corporate policies
  • Corporate budgets
  • Brand reputation
  • Travel industry outlook
  • Global economy / politics
  • Expectations of various employees
  • Geographic locations


  • Age: 42
  • Job Title: Global Director of Travel
  • Company Size: 6,000 Employees in 19 Countries
  • Work Environment: Own office with desk, leather chair, shelves, and meeting table
  • Bio: As a Global Director, Robbie leads two other professionals located in London and New York. His team is in charge of brokering all global travel contracts (hotel, air, car, train – Europe and Japan) and agency/vendor rates. In essence, it is up to him to make sure traveling employees are safe and comfortable.

    Reporting to the finance division, Robbie’s budget is £6.1 million ($10 million). His group retains 2 travel agencies (London and New York). Despite the convenience for everyone on his team to have local agency representation, having separate reporting structures often proves confusing. Even still, he finds many employees actually prefer to book their own travel. He and his staff keep track of everything with Traversa but he desires more control from a single program. Robbie’s team is also responsible for fixing problems with employee profiles, kept by HR.

    He takes special care to make the “admins” happy, as he knows who they’re helping. He is very active as a networker with local travel associations.