Experienced Travel Arranger

Cathy Underwood

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I need things to be quick and easy. My bosses travel consistently… until a trip is done, I expect it to change.


  • Minimal costs with fastest and most comfortable travel
  • Making travel a mindless and enjoyable event for her boss


  • Timetable functions
  • iCal enhancements
  • Anything to add a sense of luxury for the traveler


  • Everything to integrate with her calendar
  • More efficient booking process
  • Ability to change things quickly
  • Ability to find and track venues and services that her boss likes
  • To be available for emergencies


  • The needs of her bosses
  • The calendar – everything starts with it
  • Key websites – must know where to go
  • Corporate travel policy
  • Global economy / Travel budget
  • Other admins – They work as a team
  • Other colleagues – They seek her advice and help on most everything


  • Age: 52
  • Job Title: Senior Administrative Assistant
  • Company Size: 600
  • Work Environment: Cube outside of VP’s office, covered in notes and reminders but organized
  • Bio: Cathy has worked for a US-based software company, as a senior executive assistant for two Senior Vice Presidents for 15 years. There are several aspects to her job and booking/tracking travel is perhaps the most important. While she is technically only responsible for the travel of the two SVPs she reports to, quite often she’ll also book trips for other VPs and Directors. Changes to existing travel usually come to her over short and misspelled emails or phone calls.One of her bosses lives in Manchester and the other is in San Francisco. Both travel about 3 to 4 times per month. As her company continues its expansion into Europe she finds herself booking more trains than she did when most of her business was between the UK and US. She enjoys learning, and surprising her bosses with interesting things she learns, while researching destinations and is keenly aware of their unique requests.