Agent Manager

Elizabeth Braun

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Being a travel agent is great because you get to work with people. Managing people is a totally different story – you not only have to help them professionally, but personally, too.


  • Happy and effective employees
  • Efficient processes and tools
  • Effective business management
  • Effective people management


  • Dashboard view of account information data tracking to track productivity and effectiveness
  • New avenues to cross-sell and up-sell
  • Ability to review past bookings/trips
  • Ability to view and fix any tickets that may require immediate attention


  • Ability to track team members states and effectiveness with a snapshot
  • Low learning curve
  • Capability to do everything that was available with terminal
  • Cross selling and up selling


  • Old bosses – they taught her everything
  • Personal passion for travel
  • Passion for serving others (clients and employees)
  • Ability of staff to work as a team
  • Corporate travel policy of clients
  • Working skills/preferences of employees


  • Age: 42
  • Job Title: Agent Manager
  • Company Size: 250
  • Work Environment: Private workstations in office complex
  • Bio: Elizabeth began her career with Executive Travel as an agent, but was soon promoted to a supervisor managing 18 agents. She has been in her current role of Agent Manager for 10 years and now manages 50 agents and supervisors. She still books flights, as she finds that “keeping in touch with agents” is key to being a successful manager. Much of her day is spent handling complaints from corporate account managers and readjusting plans and expectations for her staff. She monitors productivity reports and keeps track of everything via Outlook and hand-written notes.

    She feels strongly about continuous education and is open to learning new technologies, but she needs the learning curve to be quick. This isn’t only true for work, but her life outside of the office is important too, and she tries hard to separate the two.