What Are Personas?

Personas are behavioral psychographic profiles of our customers. They serve to segment our customers into groups based on their common behaviors and present an archetype of customers who share those commonalities. Personas provide a look at the needs, goals, and desires of our users.

Why Use Personas?

Personas help us to “humanize” our users and better understand them. They also keep our design focused on the end-user. By stopping and asking ourselves which persona(s) we’re building for and whether a particular product or feature will help them or meet a genuine need that they have. We ensure that we’re spending our time designing and developing things that will better meet the needs of real people.

How Travelport Personas Work

Our personas have been based on extensive user research. We observe and interact with our end-user in their own contexts to get a better idea of how they work and what we can do better for them. When you’re designing a new feature, product, or other solution, ask yourself which persona(s) would benefit from it and how the Travelport UX personas are available as a resource to everyone throughout the company. We’re always conducting more research and adding new personas so check back frequently.