Travelport logo

The Travelport brand identity logo, when applied correctly, acts as a guarantee of our products and services, and is instantly recognizable.

Positive Logo - intended for use on white or very light backgrounds.


Negative White Logo - intended for use primarily on Travelport Blue ( #0075B0 ).


Digital Usage Guidelines

  • Never separate the elements that make up the Travelport logo.
  • The logo should never be used below 150 pixels wide.
  • Clear space should be maintained around the logo as detailed in the diagram below.
  • Always position the logo prominently and clearly on a solid white or Travelport Blue (#0075B0) background.
  • Ideally, place the logo in the top right or top left corner of a given format. It is also acceptable to place the logo in a bottom corner of a layout, especially in panoramic or landscape formats.

Clear Space and Affordance

The clear space area (affordance) is measured by the height and width of the 'T' in the Travelport logotype. No other graphic elements or text should appear in this clear space area. This also indicates the closest the logo can appear to the edge of a given format.

A diagram of the Travelport Logo showing how much space should be afforded around the logo.


To keep the visual appearance of the logo consistent, it's important it isn’t altered or changed in any way.

The vertical configuration of the Travelport logo is no longer in use and should never be used.

Never apply effects to the logo.

Never use the strata alone.

Never remove the strata symbol from the logo.

Never change the relationship between tagline and the logo.

Never use the strata and tagline together.

Never recolor the logo.

Never use the tagline in isolation.

Avoid placing the logo on busy backgrounds.

Never translate the tagline within our logo lock-up.